Queen Elizabeth Suite

Graced By Royalty

Many senior members of the British royal family have attended state functions held at GPH in their honor from the earliest days. Edward, Prince of Wales (later to become King Edward V111) visited in 1920, whilst his younger brother Prince Albert and his wife (the Duke and Duchess of York, later becoming King George V1 and the much beloved Queen Mother) were here in 1927.


A Majestic Memory

In 1970 Prince Charles attended a state dinner to celebrate Fiji’s Independence. Our most famous visitor is without a doubt Queen Elizabeth 11. First visiting with Prince Phillip shortly after her coronation in December 1953, the young Queen attended a State Ball in the hotel and photographs of her greeting the people of Fiji from our heritage balcony were beamed around the world.

Queen Elizabeth Suite

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip subsequently returned to Suva and GPH in 1977 during her South Pacific Jubilee tour and then again in 1982.
 To celebrate and commemorate these royal visits, the suite that leads to our famous balcony overlooking Albert Park has been named after her Majesty and has been sumptuously redecorated, featuring press articles, photographs and memorabilia from her 1953 visit.