Kingsford Smith Heritage Room

Timeless History

In June 1928 aviation history was made when Charles Kingsford Smith landed the “Southern Cross”, his Fockker monoplane, opposite Grand Pacific Hotel on Albert Park enroute to Australia on his epic Trans Pacific flight from America.


A Grand Feat

Departing from Oakland California the crew of Kingsford Smith (captain), Charles Ulm (relief pilot), Harry Lyon (navigator) and James Warner (radio operator) travelled via Honolulu before undertaking the 5,000-kilometer leg to Fiji, the longest ocean flight ever attempted. The journey took thirty-five hours and they arrived with less than an hour and half of fuel remaining, landing in Suva to a tremendous welcome.

Kingsford Smith Room

Kingsford Smith and his crew recuperated at GPH as guests of the Union Steamship Company (who at that time owned GPH). Kingsford Smith addressed a throng of 10,000 people from the hotel balcony, a public holiday was proclaimed, and the aviators attended a celebratory ball held in their honour at the hotel.
After departing Fiji, they arrived at Eagle Farm Aerodrome, Brisbane as international heroes.