Inside the $1,375-a-night five-star Grand Pacific Hotel where Harry and Meghan are staying during their trip to Fiji

When a wide-eyed Duke and Duchess of Sussex greeted cheering crowds from the palatial balcony of the Grand Pacific Hotel in Fiji’s capital on Tuesday night, it seemed like a moment of historic proportions.

But for long-time Royal watchers the scene was eerily familiar, a throwback even, to a similar sight 65 years ago when the prince’s grandparents, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, completed the very same act.

Though much has changed for the Royals in the intervening years, the Grand Pacific Hotel has retained much of its Fijian charm – and Royal ties – which now run deeper than ever.

Today, guests are treated to the ‘best of old world charms, South Pacific hospitality and contemporary service’ at the five-star ocean-side accommodation, which first opened in 1914.

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